Love, Humans

If you’re not sure if your pet likes you, you probably own a cat. A dog, on the other hand, will love you unconditionally regardless of how lame you are — they’re just that awesome. That’s why we created a campaign for BarkBox that speaks directly to dogs, aiming to give them joy in any situation and, in a small way, pay them back for how amazing they are.


On our YouTube spot, people are given the option for English subtitles.



Partnership — Netflix

People often leave their TVs on for their dogs while they are away. So we provided dog-specific programming with content designed to make this act of love that much more enjoyable.

partnership_chris (1).jpg


Creating an amazing product is one thing, but we also took into account how it’s delivered. Introducing BarkMail, where we deliver our treats, toys, and a little bit of love to our special friends.

Barkmail_chris (1).jpg


Fourth of July is a nightmare for dogs. We created BarkBuds with breed-specific, noise-canceling functionality to spare them from the worst day of their life.


BarkBox interacts with dog accounts on Instagram, leaving posts in Dogspeak. Below, the “see translation” function allows humans to view the translated version.

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ART DIRECTION // Tony Chiang

COPYWRITING // Chris Voss, Bryan Gonzales, Eric Lee