The Better Off Forgotten

It's been over ten generations since the last world ended. In the many years since, books were best used to keep fires burning, bullets and beautiful things have become scarce and coveted, and new factions have risen from the broken remnants of ancient armies and the ashes of a forgotten time... Now, as the threat of continental war grows between the most powerful of these factions, something grimmer than the ire of man grows with it.

The World Anew is a continent divided. Esthica, to the East, is ruled by the Praetic Just, a theocratic empire of rigid strength and obedience. To the West are the Conjuncts of Rhote, a coalition of six unified fiefdoms. It is in between these two powerful factions, though, that most of this story takes place. The Barrens and the Struggle — lawless and disputed lands loyal to no regime  — and the Heart, dead center of it all. Arcane and curious, the Heart is a vestige of peace and knowledge, and within its mystery might lie the only hope of keeping whatever lurks in the dark confined to the shadows.

Table of contents

Map of the world anew



Chapter II : The LAZARETTE